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Castello Canevaro
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Why not enjoy a relaxing massage on the roof terrace of the Castello Canevaro or a facial in the Suite Portofino, relaxing and taking in one of the most beautiful views in the world.

Castello Canevaro now offers a variety of health and beauty treatments available for both bride, groom and family members. The treatments are also available for guests who are staying at the castle as well as external clientele.

Treatments and services available for the bride include: hairdressing; facials; manicures; pedicures; massage; body wraps; acupressure; waxing; Pilates; and self- tanning.

Treatments and services available for the groom include: sports massage; Pilates; facials, acupressure; and self-tanning.

Castello Canevaro also offers package deals to include: accommodation at the Castle; a selection of health and beauty treatments; and breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by our amazing chefs from Manuelina.

All our products are of organic origin and are locally produced to encourage and support the local farming community.

Castello Canevaro takes pride in promoting natural Italian produce, which is also served for breakfast and in our weekend packages and retreats.

For more information please download the full PDF containing an in-depth description of all services provided.